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more unusual fetish’s

I found this list of very unusual Fetish’s – We have ALL done the #1, but what about the others? Any takers? hehe

1. Red Wings

Cunnilingus on a menstruating woman. Bloody hell. – Everyone knows this one…ready for another?

2. The Burning Bush

This one is appropriately named, because a burning bush is literally what happens when a man dips his willie in hot sauce, then penetrates a woman vaginally. Let’s see these pervs try this act with sauce made of the Bhut Jolokia, listed by Guinness as the hottest chili in the world.

3. Taco Fondue

A woman’s vagina is stuffed with cheese, then the man’s dong stuffs the vagina, pulled out with bits and pieces of cheese stuck on it, then put into a woman’s mouth. Talk about cheese sticks.

4. Ol’ Faithful

Remember all those videos that hit the Internets last year, where douchebags stuff bottles full of Coke with Mentos and make their own mini-geysers? This is a little something like that. A can of Coke is poured into a woman’s vagina, a Mentos is shoved in, and…..nah, you know what happens next.

5. The Pillsbury Doughgirl

This sex act gives hope to very fat women everywhere, because there are guys who actually enjoy sliding their members in between their stomach folds.

6. Frozen Pudding Pop

Both straight and gay people can enjoy this one, where ice is put on a receiver’s bunghole, which the giver then penetrates while it’s all chilled, tight and puckered up from the cold.

7. Eye Balled

Let’s put this one under “sick”. What possible sexual pleasure could a person with a glass eye get from some guy taking the fake eye out and penetrating the empty socket with his penis?

8. The Dick Van Dyke

Simply put, a straight guy’s schlong put into a lesbian’s coochie.

9. The Streisand Stuffer

Men with very small penises, don’t fret: the Streisand Stuffer is just for you. Just stuff your tiny member up a person’s nostril, and voila! You’re getting laid. This also works for regular-sized guys, as long as their partners have very large noses.

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Transformation Fetish Phonesex

Fetish Transformation steers away from the usual maids, nurse and cheerleaders outfits and role plays and transformed into animals, mannequins and painted statues.

The transformation of a body’s shape or size, for example, by shrinking, growing, or gaining muscle mass. Shrinking and growing have their own fandoms in the microphilia and macrophilia fandoms, with more emphasis on the results of the transformations than on the transformations themselves.

There’s also the type of modification that involves addition/removal/repositioning of body parts. The transformations may involve arms, breasts, legs, heads, fingers, eyes, heads, torsos, non-human parts such as wings, tail, digitigrade legs, and the form of humantaur, which means a second torso after the hip, with extra arms or extra legs on hip height. Stories of such transformations tend to involve implants, diseases, radioactivity, magic rituals, something controlling the outside body, or sometimes they simply happen mysteriously.

Gotta love it!

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Nasty Nipple Clamps

I love instructing my bondage phone sex callers. There was this guy, who wanted to know what nipple clamps are for. I told him I will tell him on our phonesex call, if he promises to do as I instruct. He jumped at the idea and dialed me for my pain and pleasure phonesex instructions. I told him, “Nipple clamps are ideal for those who derive pleasure from pain. These clamps prove indispensable for enacting bondage fantasies of the painful kind. Believe me when I say that the kind of orgasm you achieve using these clamps will leave you shuddering for long! Are you game?”

Emboldened by my words, he said yes and proceeded to act out my  instructions. I told him to pick up the nipple clamps, unscrew them and place each erect nipple between the pincers. How to apply pressure the right amount of pressure on the nipples requires some expertise. If you are keen on the right technique, bondage phone sex is where I’ll be waiting for you!


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What happens on a phone sex call after you get off? Do you hang up on the girl? Does it feel all awkward when you cum? I encounter all types of callers with different reactions afte they squirt their load. I have guys who have called me several times and still hang up on me the second they cum on the phonesex call. Maybe they wanted to go to get cleaned up. Maybe they are in a hurry. Maybe it is “dirtier” that way! Sort of like picking a chick up in a bar and fucking her senseless and then kicking her out the minute you’ve cum lol!

I have some callers who obviously feel some sense of shame after. They almost behave like they are embarrassed. I’m sure not, but they seem to be. I have some callers who are less than embarrassed but maybe just don’t know what to say after.

I even know many operators who seem to clam up or feel some of the mentioned ways. I’ve known of girls in this business that actually get pissed off because a guy just hangs up. I always felt like it’s your call, you can end it how you want so it’s never offended me as a person. But I do think also that there is an after phone sex protocol that is almost no different then having real sex.

It’s a very private, real, and personal thing to share your orgasm with me. The least I can do is try to make you laugh after to release the tension of all that blood flow returning to your brain again. I guess we can’t cuddle after but we can be sweet to each other, or chitchat about something normal for a few minutes. Also releases that tension of returning blood flow. Sometimes the nicest thing a guy says to me is simply “thank you”. I’m not a rocket scientist, I am not making a major contribution to the world… but the thank you is always really nice to hear!

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Finally, a Condom (and Good News) for Jonah Falcon
120ft condom baloon fill of hellium

I’ve written extensively about Jonah Falcon, the man with the world’s largest penis, and even featured him in this video report on AOL News, entitled, “No Work for Man With Giant Sex Organ.”
When I made the now-viral video on Jonah, he was looking for a job and feeling the holiday blues.

Now, things are looking up for my friend. You’ll be hearing a lot more of Jonah in the weeks to come. Jonah tells me The Daily Show has been talking to him — and we could only expect this is going to be something good!

More good news: The French just unfurled the world’s biggest condom!

The 120-foot-long inflatable rubber — which might be too big for Jonah and most Jurassic-era reptiles — actually flies.

It was built by a safe-sex group called “CondomFly,” and will take to the skies on a five-continent, 100-city world tour on Dec. 1 to promote World AIDS Day.

The French hope this dirigible prophylactic will come to be known as “The Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex.” It can carry three people plus a pilot. And when it hits the United States, I’ve already asked to go for a ride. I’m hoping Jonah will join in to help promote the cause. And, possibly, try it on.

HEHE, I thought this was cute…

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new ad!

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