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bad bad babysitter!

It’s just you and me, i get on my knees in front of you, looking up with that look in my eyes, you can feel my hot breath right over your cock and I can see that you like that a lot. What else would you like?

No one ever has to know, it can be our little secret.  No one has to learn about the fun we have in the family car, and you wont say a word about the fun I have at your house when your wife leaves.

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  • Wild Orgies Phone Sex – let’s have a wild phone session

  • Sissification Phone Sex  – tell me what your wearing sissy

  • Financial Domination Phone Sex – Pay me to phone fuck you!

  • Fetish Phone sex – Panty hose – Feet fetish – Leg – more!

  • Phone Sex Panty Sluts –  panty sluts who love to be dressed up!

    Much much more we can do!

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    Pet0100_02I’ve been sitting on the couch and playing with my toys for quite some time this evening while I watched the same dirty porno sequence over and over again. It was about a very dominant man and his submissive hoe.

     He forces her down on her knees and rips open her white blouse, exposing her firm, round breasts. He unzips his pants, takes his sex in hand and spank her slutty mouth with it then force it deep down her throat. We can hear her gagging so much and see the strings of saliva falling down from his big balls. Hearing him calling her nasty names and just using her for his own sexual pleasure really turns me on!

    jodi333He then flips her over, lifts her mini-skirt, open her asscheeks and spit on her pink asshole. He rubs his penis head on it a bit and in one quick motion he slides his monster cock in that tight opening. He just takes her nice and hard, pumps her wildly until he releases his yummy load in her ass. He moves away and we get a close up of her squirting his jizz out. Mmmm! It makes me wanna be there and lick it all clean!

    Your naughty girl Jodi!

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    A sweet Roleplay…

    We are both at a neighborhood party. You’re there alone and I’m there with my bf. He is busy talking to his friend’s about cars and such. I’m so bored that I decide to go home. I tell him and he doesen’t even seem to care. As I walk away, I catch you staring at me. So being a little tease I unbutton a button from my slutty dress, reveiling my breasts who are pushed up and pouring out now.I drop my purse on purpose and bend over to allow you to see my silky g-string and my nice firm ass cheeks. You follow me as I keep walking home…

    I’m in the kitchen, you sneak in and grab me from behind. You violently rub my tits as you whisper nasty things in my ear. You rip my g-string and bend me over the counter and you force your way into my tight asshole. You tell me how much I deserve to be fucked hard after being such a cocktease! I totaly enjoy every minute of it! You pound my hole with hard strokes…taking time to hear me grunt with each one….waiting for me to beg for more….You grab my hair, pulling it back while spraying your huge creamy load into my fuck hole!

    ….Now guys, being him, do you think she deserved it?

    Call me and let me know!

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