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Well well, look who missed his little princess…My slut Mr Sims! Thats right, he came back to me as they all seem to do… its been a bit and I know I have been offline a while but he waited patiently for me… And as a reward he got to listen to me tell him how to strock & he also got the privalige of writing my name next to his little cock! See for yourself…


Anyway Glad you called me and waited for me, that makes me very happy and I want to let everyone know I am back & willtry to be online and available to you at LEAST every other day!

Hope to talk to you soon!


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Men in Curlers, A Caller’s Roleplay


 I had just gotten news from my best friend that she couldn’t help me with my finals at beauty school…you see i had to wash, set and makeover someone. Well i was so upset when Kris came knocking at my door. He was a sweetheart, very soft spoken & I think he has a crush on me. He has long soft hair and long eyelashes, very thin and…OMG Kris! You can let me do you! Your hair is long and i could make you look sooo good! He agreed because he wanted to please me and just couldnt say no!

At the salon i washed and set his hair in tight rollers then the phone rang, it was Greg, this totally hot hunk I have been Dying to go out with, we flirted a bit (like Kris wasn’t even there) and i agreed to let him pick me up…”Kris, help me get ready, iron these for me, I So want to fuck this guy, hes Sooo hunky, you know a real MAN” Kris did as I asked but looked very sad… OH no i forgot about your hair, it needs to dry anyway so how about you go home and I will call you when i am done from my date…

“Hey Kris, I’m sorry I have been out so long I JUST walked in, come right over”. And as promised Kris came. Like he was one of my girlfriends I started blabbing on about how my night went and compared Greg’s Hot Manly body to Kris’s delicate body and features. I also told him I was still dripping wet from the totally hot fucking i just had. I Soon found out that Kris actually DID have a crush on me and I told him he wasent my type, I like a real manly man. I told him he looked more of the pany wearing type and he looked sad. Well Kris, you wanna be my BF that bad then you can be a good boy and clean me up…Have you ever wanted a creampie so bad?

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Here are some screen shots of Mr Sim!

Mr Sim was awsome today, He has a great cock, but I love to Humiliate him & make him do things for me! Today I mad him undress himself and open up all his windows, i them made him stand in front of the window, cock in hand screaming out loud that he belongs to me & Only me. I wanted him  to cum all over the window and lick it but her was a bad boy & missed, so instead he had to lick it off the baseboard! Then I made him turn on his Cam for me!

Anyways,  tonight while he is fucking his GF, he will not be able to get me out of his head, wishing I was the one whos pussy he was eating!

Permission to use & take Screen Shots is always asked Before I do it!

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My Mr Wrinkles called me today to tell me all about his experience while panty Shopping! I made him email me his experience so i could share and get feedback from all my girlfriends!

So here is his email: (My comments are in red)

Hey Jodi/Lexi!  How are you?  As you requested, I am writing you to re-tell my panty-shopping story.  When I went to Victoria’s Secret, I was browsing the clearance table where they were having a 3-pair for $20 sale (At least Mr Wrinkles is a bargin shopper!). I was approached by a sales girl who asked if I needed help and I told her I was shopping for my girlfriend, but as you know I was really shopping for myself.  I told the girl that I didn’t know anything about sizes, so she asked me to describe the physical build of my girlfriend.  Well, I wanted to give her a description that was close to mine so that when I brought my new panties home, they would fit me as nicely as possible.  So i described my girlfriend to be built almost exactly like me.  Well maybe that was my own dumb-ass error because the girl immediately picked up a pair of panties and without hesitation, SHE HELD THEM UP AGAINST ME, DOWN BELOW, RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE!  OMG THAT WAS SO EMBARRASING! (SURRE it was- you KNOW you enjoyed it) Then she smiled and said something like “sorry, since you said your gf was built like you, I wanted to get a quick visual of how these might fit her”. (I think she KNEW who they were for!)  She had an enormous smile on her face, and then I knew (or at least thought I knew) that she must have been smart enough to figure me out?  Not only was I thoroughly embarrassed, but I felt downright STUPID as well. (stupidly excited maybe)  I mean I couldn’t even con or out-smart a girl half my age!  So then I thought if I had made a quick exit out of the store, that would have revealed my embarrasment, and if she merely thought that the panties were going to be for me, she would have known for sure, so I stayed and stuck with my story, and she helped me to pick out 3 pair.  I/we ended up selecting a black pair, a pink pair (wich i made him put on as we spoke!)  and a red pair with black lace around the bikini top area.  The girl said to go up to the counter while she rang them up for me, and I had to stand in line and wait behind 3 women in front of me.  The sales girl was waiting patiently, as her associate was ringing up the women in front of me.  As I was waiting, the sales girl glanced at me a few times and each time she smiled pretty wide and would quickly look away. (she was imagining you wearing them!)  After I finally got to pay for my panties, the sales girl said thank you and all the normal goodbyes that sales clerks say, but she also added: “i hope your gf likes what you picked out for her” and she had another huge smile on her face.  i got out of there as fast as i could and i don’t know if i will go back or not? (oh your little Mr Wrinkle enjoyed it! You Know you will be going back very soon!) my guess is that the sales girl probably told her co-worker about me and what her suspicion was?  Wow!  I just had a thought here too!  I’m glad I didn’t pay with my credit card, because then they would know my name!  As you know, I’m okay with far-away people knowing my name (such as yourself) but local people are different.

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Okay, so I had another call with “Mr Wrinkles” and I think we need to change his name to “Mr Softie” lol, he is just to pathetic! We need to rename him because not ONLY is he small, but the reason is because he cant get that Limp soft dick hard! He even mailed me that picture…I would not have dared!

I guess his little “softie” wouldent be HALF bad if he could get it hard! I think we should all email him at jrinkles@ yahoo.com and tell him how pathetic he is for wanting me to show his little softie in my Blog! HEHE, go ahead & mail him, Im not lying when I say he has a little limp dick!


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Well boy’s its Monday night, or early Tuesday for some of you and I am here feeling sorry for you all that had to start your work week out again, Another boring monday! Well why dont we have a little fun and spice up your back to work week! I will be here all night (till 5am EST) and would love to hear your naughty phone sex roleplays! Had a few interesting and steamy role plays over the weekend!

MR Wrinkles!

Mr Wrinkles was fun, he needs to call me back as i forgot his email address. He had a small little cock and just could not get it hard. I loved laughing at the fact that man couldent get it hard for some hot ass like mine! hehe, poor thing… I even told my friends about how he stroked his soft little penis over & over for me, to no avail! Sorry Mr Wrinkles, not pussy for pathetic small cock loosers like you!

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NO NUDES unless you Buy them or do call…so dont ask!

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