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 I’ve done some really HOT phonesex calls latley…here is just a sample of some of those hot calls I have had!


~*~The cute little cuckold who called with that little boy dick was so nice in spite of the dick disaster you have. I’m glad your wife is smart enough to find a real dick to please her. You are fun though. I do want to hear more from you soon.

~*~I heard from my bill fold piggy who just keeps that wallet open for me to do anything I please with. I have a wonderful time seducing that money away from you sweetheart.

~*~The pantie slut who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on Him. The neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room.

 ~*~The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I have quite the pantie fetish too and always enjoy my pantie callers.

~*~The sweet little boy who licked Mommy’s pussy like a good boy. The naughty little boy who was sent home from school so Mommy had to punish you with my strap on. You are both wonderful!

My pussy’s wet just thinking about the sexy men I’ve played with. Give me more. Fuck me!

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I am a true phonesex nymph and nothing the guys say shocks me anymore only turns me on more! I am very open minded and have no limits or sexual boundries. My pussy gets wet just being hearing guys stroking and jerking their cocks to the sound of my voice and the things I say. 

 I like to use my cyber skin cock on myself while I am on the phone giving you the hottest phonesex pussy I can. My dildo is designed to come alive with my own pussy heat.. it becomes skin-like so it is like you are really right here fucking me.

Call me, fuck me, cum with me!



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Don’t forget you can IM me on Yahoo…


… talk to ya soon!

xoxoxox ~ Playmate Jodi

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Pet0100_02I’ve been sitting on the couch and playing with my toys for quite some time this evening while I watched the same dirty porno sequence over and over again. It was about a very dominant man and his submissive hoe.

 He forces her down on her knees and rips open her white blouse, exposing her firm, round breasts. He unzips his pants, takes his sex in hand and spank her slutty mouth with it then force it deep down her throat. We can hear her gagging so much and see the strings of saliva falling down from his big balls. Hearing him calling her nasty names and just using her for his own sexual pleasure really turns me on!

jodi333He then flips her over, lifts her mini-skirt, open her asscheeks and spit on her pink asshole. He rubs his penis head on it a bit and in one quick motion he slides his monster cock in that tight opening. He just takes her nice and hard, pumps her wildly until he releases his yummy load in her ass. He moves away and we get a close up of her squirting his jizz out. Mmmm! It makes me wanna be there and lick it all clean!

Your naughty girl Jodi!

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Men in Curlers, A Caller’s Roleplay


 I had just gotten news from my best friend that she couldn’t help me with my finals at beauty school…you see i had to wash, set and makeover someone. Well i was so upset when Kris came knocking at my door. He was a sweetheart, very soft spoken & I think he has a crush on me. He has long soft hair and long eyelashes, very thin and…OMG Kris! You can let me do you! Your hair is long and i could make you look sooo good! He agreed because he wanted to please me and just couldnt say no!

At the salon i washed and set his hair in tight rollers then the phone rang, it was Greg, this totally hot hunk I have been Dying to go out with, we flirted a bit (like Kris wasn’t even there) and i agreed to let him pick me up…”Kris, help me get ready, iron these for me, I So want to fuck this guy, hes Sooo hunky, you know a real MAN” Kris did as I asked but looked very sad… OH no i forgot about your hair, it needs to dry anyway so how about you go home and I will call you when i am done from my date…

“Hey Kris, I’m sorry I have been out so long I JUST walked in, come right over”. And as promised Kris came. Like he was one of my girlfriends I started blabbing on about how my night went and compared Greg’s Hot Manly body to Kris’s delicate body and features. I also told him I was still dripping wet from the totally hot fucking i just had. I Soon found out that Kris actually DID have a crush on me and I told him he wasent my type, I like a real manly man. I told him he looked more of the pany wearing type and he looked sad. Well Kris, you wanna be my BF that bad then you can be a good boy and clean me up…Have you ever wanted a creampie so bad?

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When the other girls would giggle, squeel, and mostly act repulsed when it came to sexual topics, I was always facinated. I started reading on sex at an early age, and started experimenting, first with the boys, you know, handjobs in the movie theatre, blowjobs during the football game, and having sex anywhere you could ever imagine.
This satisfied my desires for a while, then I started to want more, it didn’t matter if it was men,
or ladies. I just can’t get enough of sex. Phone sex has given me the perfect outlet to talk about my fantasies, desires and a way to share my stories with you. I’m very open minded, and always ready & horny. I’m very girly, and I love showing that off. Whether it be by teasing and denying you in sexy lingerie, or feminizing and dressing you up (Then playing with my naughty toys)

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Everyone says my voice sounds younger then my true age. With my unique voice I can role play your young slut down the street, your sexy ass friends daughter or just a wet dream of yours. My sexy voice can make heads turn and cum back for more. I would like to see your cock as hard as a rock ready to cum out like a volcano eruption all over my body and inside my tight ass or my wet pussy. It’s your choice baby.

No Taboos here baby! I like having my slutty ass fucked like I was a slutty teen needing my pussy wet and fucked. I know you like them young in your wet dreams. Try me out for size.

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